Here’s a list of some of the utensils used in everyday Indian cooking.

Food Processor

With attachments for grinding both wet and dry spices. Use it to make wet masala pastes and pureé ingredients like onions and tomatoes for gravies.

Mortar and Pestle

For rough/coarse grinding of fresh herbs and whole spices.

Chopping Boards

Make sure to use separate boards for meat and vegetables to prevent cross-contamination. Wood or plastic is best since marble/granite and toughened glass boards will ruin your knives and reduce their life.

Sharp knives

You will need knives for cutting both meat and vegetables, so having 2-3 different sizes is a good idea.


For when you need to make coarse pastes or powders from things like onion, garlic or ginger and cinnamon or nutmeg.

Mixing Bowls

For making dough for different kinds of bread, mixing batters and other raw ingredients.

Rolling Pin

For rolling out the different kinds of Indian bread and pastry. Get yourself one that’s neither too heavy nor too light. When making Indian bread, the trick is in applying the right pressure while rolling them out.


For draining rice and washing vegetables and lentils.

Heavy-bottomed Pots and Pans in Different Sizes

A griddle-type pan for roasting/pan-frying bread; a deep frying pan; deep and flat saucepans with covers for making curries and vegetable dishes. We prefer non-stick cookware because it helps you cook with less oil and therefore, healthier.